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Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to provide a vision of a future activity


Create and operate a profit making business called Compassionate Coaching whose purpose is to serve the world by providing coaching that leads to increased knowledge and personal transformation and satisfaction with life.

The Vision or what do I want

I see myself sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet space listening intently to some one for whom life is not going the way they want it to go. The person does the majority of the talking. I occasionally ask questions after reflecting back the person's statents to make sure that I have understood them correctly. After a series of interchanges, the person makes a commitment to some specific action. I observe the person relax. The person then expresses gratitude for our interactions and states that he/she is feeling more comfortable with their situation . The person offers a gift/payment out of gratitude for the support he/she has received. People want my services and I limit my availible time and select applicants who seem the most likely to succeed. I enjoy providing services to people and the "work" becomes part of my "balanced" life.


Original Goal (Big Sur, CA, Oct 2016)

Earn a minimum of a $1000 a month as a Certified Life Coach by Oct 7, 2018 .

Updated Goal (Oakland Dec, 2016)

  • Have a nett income from Compassionate Coaching of $1500 a month by Dec 31, 2017

A Updated pril 2018 Goal


Support the transformation of people in a compassionate way.


  • Contribution,Growth,Conection,Support


  • Marketing
    • Is Certification necessary for successful business.
    • Identification of viable Market
  • Costs of obtaining skills
  • Allocation of time to work on setting up business while maintaining health and current employment and recreation.

Current Plan

Get comfortable with costs

  • Applied for and received a scholarship of $2000 from Leadership that works.
  • Have a crowdfunding request site at which has received $1280 of $2500 goal.
  • Made an overall budget for course costs.
  • Use the credit I have. (not yet)
  • Sell stuff


  • Develop Compassionate Coaching business using Coaching for Transformation as a Guide..
  • Use principles of Coaching for Transformation to do self-coaching on developing Compassionate Coaching.
  • Develop business card and website.
  • Started a Meetup Coaching Discussion group for people interested in offering, learning and receiving coaching. Its at Abandoned when no-one signed up to attend first meeting.
  • Have registered Compassionate Coaching as Fictitious Business Name with County Clerk and started advertising name to complete the process..
  • Get liability insurance at $200-$500 annually
  • Set up a fee ($100 per hr) based operation with no sliding scale
  • If prospects looking viable take Coaching for Transformation module from the Coaching for Transformation. This will get me a certificate as a coach and help marketing as well as improving my skills.

Next Steps

  • Reading Coaching for Transformation and use its recommendations to coach myself in the process.
  • Absorb knowledge and do exercises from Boot Camp.
  • Get encouragement, support and wisdom form personal coach.

170714 Update

  • Need a total of 40 hrs of coaching practice for certification of which a max of 8 can be from class mates.
  • Currently have 12.3 . Need say 32 by 12/14/17 about 159 days = 1.1 hrs per week.
  • Plan get two clients at $1 to $10 per hour. Always look for additional client at $10 more per hour and replace clients with better paying clients.
  • Need to check math !!!!!