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Get Motivated and Learn the Background and Advantages of getting more Heart Rate Coherence

  • Watch this movie first to get really turned on about increasing your coherence and learn what kind of results you might get.
  • Read the first chapter or two of O'Hare, David (2014?) Heart coherence 365: A guide to long lasting heart coherence. It only costs $4.99 on Kindle.
    • or you can find a certified HeartMath Coach who can teach you how to get into Coherence by clicking here .
  • Read the text on the http://www.heartrateplus.com page to get more motivated and learn more about the advantages of practicing heart rate coherence.
  • Click here for some ideas about a possible connection between improving Heart Rate Coherence and Spirituality. Note that Heart Rate Coherence is known in the scientific world as Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia

Install HeartRate+ on your iPhone or SmartPhone (it's free)

  • Heart Rate Plus is an app for iPhones and Android phones which displays coherence using the phone's camera as a pulse sensor on iPhones and Android phones { about $10)
    • I found it difficult to find Heart Rate Plus on Google Play or the Apple Store. So...
  • On your phone go to www.heartrateplus.com
    • You can download the Classic version there or....
      • If you want use an external Bluetooth sensor, click on the link on the link at the top of the page which says
      • Try also the PRO version HeartRate+ Pro to get the PRO version.
  • Click on the appropriate version (Pro or Classic) for your phone and download it and install it to your phone.

Learn and run Heart Rate Plus

  • Watch the video at heartrateplus.com to learn how to display Coherence on a mobile phone.
  • Place your finger lightly over your phone's rear camera lens. (Leave any external sensor to later).
  • Click on the HearRate Plus icon on your phone and then "Press to Start"
  • Press your finger LIGHTLY over the camera. (The light should come on)
    • Heart Beats should start appearing after a couple of seconds.
  • It will run for about three minutes and then stop UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY IT.
  • Once you have purchased it, it will keep running past the three minute mark. There are two versions.....

The Classic Version ( about $6)

  • This uses the camera on the back of your phone to sense the pulse in your finger. It is slightly inconvenient to use as you have to hold your phone in a special way with the finger covering the camera but it does work.

The PRO Bluetooth Version($about $11.00)

  • Heart Rate Plus Pro can connect with an external pulse sending device and this picks up a clearer more reliable heart rate signal than the finger on the camera approach.
  • Heart Rate Pro can use the Kyto Heart Rate Monitor which has an ear clip. I bought one for $20 on Ebay. The HeartRatePlus organization have tested it and found that it works with HeartRatePlus. They may be hard to find.
  • It can also use a Polar H-7 Bluetooth chest belt from Amazon or Ebay or the Bluetooth version of HeartMath Inner Balance

Learn more about how to use HeartRate Plus

  • Watch this YouTube video for more information on how to use the Heartrateplus app.

Get into Coherence

HeartRatePlus display
  • Follow O'Hares 365 recommendation and practice deep breathing , six (6) breaths a minute, for at least five (5) minutes.
    • Deep slow belly breathing with awareness on the belly skin going in and out seems to help. Follow the breathing prompter on the bottom of the display.
  • Your middle screen on your phone (swipe to the right) will show a display like this as you get into Coherence.
  • The middle screen will show your heart rate going up and down in a wavelike pattern like it does on this picture.(Thanks Beth)

Modify your technique to improve your coherence

  • Once you have got the hang of observing your coherence , try changing your breathing rates and styles to produce more coherence and get more emotional stability in your life.
  • Try experiencing positive emotions like gratitude, compassion and love and see if that increases your coherence.
  • Try remembering nice things that have happened in your life and get into the feelings you felt. (Thanks David)

Again and Again and Again

  • 3 times a day , 6 breaths or so a minute , five to ten minutes.


  • Click here or call 805-308-1411 if you would like some support in practicing Heart Rate Coherence as a way of gaining more emotional stability in your life, feel less stressed out and experience less anxiety
  • If you would like to join an online video-conferencing support group, please e-mail me.
  • If you are interested in supporting the work and research I do on Heart Rate Coherence you can send a donation ($10 would be nice) by clicking here. Each time I receive a donation , I feel thrilled because it tells me my efforts are being seen as making a contribution to other's well-being.


  • The purpose of this page is of an educational nature. Please consult with a physician before taking any actions suggested in this document.

This page may be reached at http://heartrateplusprint.livingcoherently.com