My Experiences of Heart Rate Coherence

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  • In Dec 1999,I first started getting involved with the HeartMath(R) organization in when I bought an EmWave2(R) and started using it. Over the last year or so my intuition has been guiding me to get more involved with it. Seeing changes in my life, I wanted to become more familiar with the techniques so I enrolled in the Building Personal Resilience™ Course offered by HeartMath . I started implementing the HeartMath techniques more and more in my life. I decided to take the Building Personal Resilience course offered by HeartMath in order to become more familiar with their techniques. I Completed the course in April 2018 and am now certified by HeartMath to both coach others who want to use HeartMath techniques of Building Personal Resilience(tm) Certification Course and also to mentor others who are using these techniques

What are the Coherence based Techniques?

  • For a discussion of the scientific background of the importance of Heart Rate Coherence ,please see
    My Heart Rate when I am not in Coherence
    My Heart Rate when I am in Coherence

What are the results I am experiencing after learning/training these Building Personal Resilience techniques ?

  • I have just realized that the best thing I can say about my HeartMath experience is that I practice thirty minutes every day (well usually).
  • As part of my certification training, I coached a friend who was going through a difficult life experience. I fell over backwards when I read the testimonial she gave me.
    • "John’s HeartMath coaching sessions brought me through a grueling experience. While defending my position in Superior Court John’s coaching kept me centered and safe from becoming over-stressed. I highly recommend his expertise in this practice. Not only is John skilled in HeartMath coaching, he is highly educated and experienced in several other healing modalities including coaching, 12-Step and spiritual healing". Beth P Santa Barbara.
  • Another friend who I coached for two sessions said..
    • " I had the pleasure of working with John Mudie who introduced me to HeartMath . The thing I found helpful is the HeartMath technique of breathing into my heart and cultivating gratitude, then I can get into my heart. In remembering the kindnesses of my spiritual teacher and former husband I was able to get into Heart Coherence. John gave me the assignment to do two five-minute sessions a day. He also mentioned that I would have more energy to counteract depletion and burnout. Wow what a difference! I did a HeartMath procedure way more than twice a day. Whenever I felt the slightest irritation, such as when a driver cuts me off on the highway I just went into the appropriate HeartMath technique.
    • I was so inspired that I took on the self assignment of dealing with my procrastination.
    • I am a major major procrastinator. Months ago I had a bad bonding filling which lasted only a week. Not only did I called the dental clinic to address this problem, I also got my bonding redone at no extra charge.
    • In a flurry of inspiration I proceeded to tackle all those other procrastinations which I had put off for years. For example, yours truly had purchased eight years ago a very fancy and expensive Garmin sports watch which monitors my caloric expenditure while exercising. Since I loath reading manuals I had never figured out how to use the ruddy watch. I called the company and talked with a very nice woman who walked me through the steps. Eureka I now know how to use my sports watch.
    • Another example in the benefits of heart coherence is when I’m under stress. A perfect example in point is when my ignition switch on my ancient Volvo got jammed, which happens from time to time. Instead of getting all wigged out I just breathed into my heart, developed gratitude and became totally relaxed and chilled out for several minutes. My ignition switch became un-jammed and all was right with me and the world.
      • I have to thank John’s consummate skills in teaching me these techniques. I would highly recommend anyone to work with John and to see the benefits first hand of HeartMath techniques.
        • Sarah L. Santa Barbara.
  • And then I experienced the impact of the Building Personal Resilience training myself.
    • One night I had an insomnia attack (too many things I thought I had to do). So I woke up at 2:00 am for 2 hrs and worked on my computer. I woke up later in the morning with a "lack of sleep" hangover and started thinking about all the things I HAD TO DO and felt all stressed out. But then I remembered the HeartMath techniques and realized that I had a choice.
      • Either I could continue doing all the things I think I have to do in a stressed out fashion.
      • or
      • I could practice a HearMath meditative type technique and work on the stuff in a more calm relaxed fashion without the stress.
    • So I did a Building Personal Resilience exercise for about 20 mins.Then I coasted through the day with very little stress doing stuff and feeling much happier than I would be if I was still stressed out.
  • And then something happened that really surprised me...
    • I was feeling upset that I was people pleasing my partner too much and so , raising my voice, started telling her what was going on with me. I was very surprised when she started raising her voice too and telling me how my actions were causing her difficulties. And then the magic happened.
      • I realized I could continue to raise my voice louder than hers and we could have an old-fashioned shouting match.
    • Or
      • I could switch and listen to her using a technique similar to the one had learned in my Building Personal Resilience Traning.
    • So I switched and things started getting more peaceful again as I listened to her. The magic of this is I could choose how to respond and I am guessing this has come from my Building Personal Resilience training because I have never experienced this before.

What are my Intentions?

  • I intend to continue to practice the techniques I’ve learned from the HeartMath program to become more resilient, to be able to bounce back quicker when upsetting things happen in my life.
  • Share these techniques with others to help build a more peaceful world around me.

Are you interested in investigating the benefits of the HeartMath techniques further?

  • You can connect with me and I’ll share what HeartMath techniques are all about and how they have helped me. I’m only a phone call or email away!
  • The main HeartMath website has lots of information!!!!!
  • You can find a HeartMath(r) Certified coach or mentor near you by going to

Would you like to purchase some HeartMath equipment?

  • As I am a Certified Heart Math Coach, I can get it for you at a discount. Interested? Contact me.

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