I am a  Certified Professional  Coach  and work with people who want to change and are willing to take actions to improve their lives. As a Certified HeartMath(R) Coach I  also support people in bringing more emotional resilience , see http://coherence.compasstionatecoaching.us

What they would like is to receive  encouragement, motivation and support in  determining what is best for them to do next  and to take the appropriate actions to improve their lives.

Their ultimate outcome is they make visible progress towards  achieving their goals and feel more comfortable about themselves. They smile when they end sessions with me. They are feeling grateful becuase they have found out what actions they need to take next to get more calm  and peace in their lives.

I  have a lot of experience in  successfully recovering from addictions, nervous breakdowns  and chronic fatal diseases, changing careers and  am uniquely qualified to support others in their moving ahead and love watching others grow and make progress.