I have been working with John for 10 months. Over that time, I have noticed improvements in my life, but it is hard for me to determine whether these were a direct result of my work with John, as I am doing other self-improvement work at the same time. However, John recently made a suggestion that changed things for me radically. I am in school and I am a perfectionist. Getting less than an A was totally unacceptable to me. As a result, my life was way out of balance, skimping on self-care chasing those A’s. I was stressed, pushing myself, and finding myself resistant to doing school work as a result. I was frustrated and miserable. During a recent coaching session John gave me a challenge that I was resistant to at first: “I want you to get a C on purpose.” The very idea was appalling! But we discussed ways I could bring more balance into my life with self-care, etc. The whole notion was completely paradoxical, revolutionary, and ultimately transformative. With John’s support, I made a calendar and schedule for myself, and as a result I am experiencing less stress, more peace and calm, more balance in my life, and I believe I am actually getting more done! I put less pressure on myself and have reevaluated perfectionism vs quality of life. Despite myself, I still got an A in one class, and am doing the best I can, without “killing myself”, in the other!

When John and I started working together I had been unemployed and unable to pay rent so had been evicted. I had just gotten a temp-to-hire job which came with housing. John provided me with much-needed coaching support during the months of insecurity while I waited for the temporary employment to become permanent. In addition, I was concerned about some expensive storage I had in another city. With John’s coaching, I was able to get my storage moved closer to me with much better rates. Also, I have had a very strained relationship with my son for years. Today, with the support of John and others, I have been able to come to terms with the situation and am much more at peace with it.

With John’s help and coaching support, I have gone from being unemployed, watching TV all day and evicted to being housed, employed, taking and passing courses with A’s, on track to achieving a specific career goal, and at peace with my relationship with my son. I have never felt better, been happier or more productive in my life! And things just keep getting better! Yes, I’m doing the work, but John and others are here to cheer me on with support and encouragement.

Alison H.  Lompoc, CA 2018

I had the pleasure of working with John Mudie who introduced me to HeartMath® . The thing I found helpful is the HeartMath technique of breathing into my heart and  cultivating gratitude, then  I can get into my heart. In remembering the kindnesses of my spiritual teacher and former husband I was able to get into Heart Coherence. John gave me the assignment to do two five-minute sessions a day. He also mentioned that I would have more energy to counteract depletion and burnout. Wow what a difference! I did a HeartMath procedure  way more than twice a day. Whenever I felt the slightest irritation, such as when a driver cuts  me off on the highway I just went into the appropriate HeartMath technique.

I was so inspired that I took on the self-assignment of dealing with my procrastination.

I am a major major procrastinator. Months ago, I had a bad bonding filling which lasted only a week. Not only did I called the dental clinic to address this problem, I also got my bonding redone at no extra charge.

In a flurry of inspiration, I proceeded to tackle all those other procrastinations which I had put off for years. For  example, yours truly had purchased eight years ago a very fancy and expensive Garmin sports watch which monitors my caloric expenditure while exercising. Since I loathe reading manuals I had never figured out how to use the ruddy watch. I called the company and talked with a very nice woman who walked me through the steps. Eureka I now know how to use my sports watch.* Another example in the benefits of heart coherence is when I’m under stress.  A perfect example in point is when my ignition switch on my ancient Volvo got jammed, which   happens from time to time. Instead of getting all wigged out I just breathed  into my heart, developed gratitude and became totally relaxed and chilled out for  several minutes. My ignition switch became un-jammed and all was right with me and the world.

I have to thank John’s consummate skills in teaching me these techniques. I would highly recommend anyone to work with John and to see the benefits first hand of HeartMath techniques.

Sarah L.  Santa Barbara.

I had the pleasure of working with John Mudie who introduced me to Heart Math.  It certainly piqued my interest. The thing I found very helpful is this concept of Reset by breathing into my heart and then getting the Coherence by being in gratitude- which I was able to to do thanks to John’s excellent presentation . During this process of developing Coherence I remembered  the kindness of my spiritual teacher and my former husband who has shown me much kindness.  Sara L, Santa Barbara


John’s Heart Math coaching sessions brought me through a grueling experience. While defending my position in Superior Court John’s coaching kept me centered and safe from becoming over-stressed. I highly recommend his expertise in this practice.

Not only is John skilled in Heart Math coaching, he is highly educated and experienced in several other healing modalities including coaching, 12-Step and spiritual healing.

Beth P, Santa Barbara

“My name is D…. D…. I first met John Mudie in 1996, at my first …meeting. He was kind, soft spoken, and very supportive. I was a real mess, not only was I an alcoholic but I had just been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia. I was very scared. John was very supportive and comforting. The meeting was very calm and serene. Afterwards he asked if I wanted to stay for the business meeting. So I did, and John became a different person. He was fighting for a cause he truly believed in. With heart and soul very passionately, like a raging bull. I’m glad he’s on our side. Just to let you know a person may be down mentally but we can fight our way back. I am doing great and am going on 21 years sober. Jan 2017”

“My name is Mike S and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Schizo-effective disorder twelve years ago I’ve been open about my illness to many peolpe including mental health professionals . Few of them really know what mental illness entails. Until one day I met and confided in John M. over the telephone. I was immediately struck by John’s direct and effective approach to a person having a bipolar episode. He asked me a series of key questions that nobody in all my years of being ill knew hot to ask me.
John has an uncanny intuition on how to get down to causes and conditions of why a mentally ill person is suffering. All I can say is that there are a few like him. John has a way of taking problems that have been baffling the mental health professional for decades and simplifying them. I am honored to know him. Mike S
Jan. 2017”

“John D. Mudie gave me guidance that I could help my locale mental health community as well as myself if I volunteer on the county mental health commission for Santa Barbara, meeting once a month plus committee meetings, this was free training I was on the front seat of up to date mental health issues…I learned alot about myself and the importance of helping others as we as my own mental health issues.
He taught me the importance of listening to others.
I am a better person because of the spark and motivation of John D. Mudie
he taught me the importance of listening others more and not interrupting with my own thoughts or ideas… you can learn much more through listening. I was on the mental health commission for seven years received a letter of recommendation from Santa Barbara County Commisioner Gail Marshall.
This letter stated that I am a good listener as well as helpful with my Internet searching skills to inform the commision faster than the state of California was providing. This letter open a lot of doors for me…when I joined future boards and councils in another county.

Gary …H….
Santa Maria CA”

“My name is Kendal Cheesman . I live with Mental Health Illness. I am able to talk about, work with and LIVE my life thanks to the wonderful caring support, both professionally and personally that Dr.Mudie provided me over the past 2 years I have known him. I was fortunate to meet him while I was employed in Lompoc and a year later was even more fortunate to be hired by John to facilitate his computer courses in Santa Maria. I gained many valuable and usefull tips, knowledge and caring support from him during several of my M H crisis. He was always quick to reach out and help me, with genuine care and knowledge whenever I was down. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone contemplating using John’s services to “stop thinking about it and do it,” You will gain a lifelong mentor and friend who truly cares about what he does and those who do it with him.
Sincerely, Kendal Cheesman
Lompoc, CA.”

“John and I have been platonic friends for several years. When we get together for a visit every month or so he usually has advice for me and wouldn’t be shy about offering it. But this time there was something new in John’s tool kit. Not only did he listen without interruption I felt his full compassionate attention. The only time he would say something was when I was stuck in my story then he would gently ask the perfect question to unstuck me so I could continue with my catharsis. I never felt that he was impatient or anxious in his listening. I only felt his full undivided compassionate energy. It was really quite remarkable! I highly recommend John as a Coach.
~ Beth in Santa Barbara, California”

“In our coaching John explored with me my values and needs. To my wonderment what stood out strongly was something that John could phrase as a need for transcendency. This insight surprised me and at the same time the wording really resonated! Being partly a musician and artist I sometimes tend to forget what Art is about for me personally. With the deep and compassionate presence that John had for me we reconnected to one of my core values: an artistic practice of transcendental quality. I am feeling joyful and energetic thinking of the new clarity ideas for action I found with John´s support.

— Joanna Q., Leipzig, Germany April 2017