Who are we

I am getting in touch with how much I am interested in the subject of life transformation.
Not only am I interested in transforming my own life, I am also very interested and willing to support others in transforming their lives too and creating more happiness and well-being in all our lives. For me it all started when I supported graduate students transform active researchers and professors by graduating with Ph.D’s from the University of California at San Diego. Then I worked in the field of recovery from alcohol and drug addictions and supported people in becoming sober and clean and living a happy joyous and free life. After that I entered the arena of mental health and supported people who had been diagnosed with severe mental illness (e.g. bipolar, depression and schizophrenia). More recently I have become aware of the impact of childhood trauma on people’s lives. Iam recognizing that people who experienced less than wonderful childhoods,(e.g. incest, addicted parents,physical abuse) tend to exhibit behaviours learned in their childhood which are not conducive to their adult well being..