What are the benefits of increasing Emotional Stability?

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What do we mean by Emotional Stability?

  • Emotional Stability is a word we are using to describe something that has been called by a number of other different names,e.g. serenity, equanimity, composure, emotional sobriety, peace, detachment, presence of mind,Cool Mind etc.
  • It also denotes an ability to self soothe, to be able to recognize undesirable emotions(e.g. fear, anger, depression) and to shift into more desirable ones, (e.g. love, gratitude, acceptance, compassion and altruism ).
  • Sometimes when things happen that we don't like , we can go into a state of fight, freeze or fear and act inappropriately. If we can shift into a state of Emotional Stability , then we can remain more peaceful and calm , review the situation calmly and take more appropriate actions.
  • Emotional Stability, also includes the concept of Emotional Resilience, the ability to recover quickly from emotional upsets.

What are one of the benefits of increased Emotional Stability?

  • People who have used certain techniques to improve their Emotional Stability report that they have experienced much calmer , more peaceful lives.
  • Emotional Stability is primarily associated with high Vagal Tone.
  • In Born to Good on page 241 Keltner reports that people with high Vagal Tone reported "elevated levels of the trust extroversion which is defined by high levels of social energy, friendships and social contacts and agreeableness.. ". They "also reported more optimism , general positive mood and better physical health.."
  • This is a Google search on Vagal Tone.
  • This article states that " Vagal Tone is an indication that the nervous system is able to harmonize the various systems of the body so that they can function together for the benefit of the whole organism. Specifically, Vagal Tone is the degree to which the vagus nerve can cause the body to relax".

This section is not finished. Check ref to migraines in https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4179616/

What do you really want?

  • When you are asked what do you want I am guessing you would answer something like the latest iPhone, Tesla , Olympic award, a suitable partner etc
  • But if you were to be asked what you will get when they get one of the above, your answer might lands up something like safety, peace of mind, happiness
  • So maybe what you are really asking for is a shift in consciousness from worry, anger, irritation and fear into a place of calm, peace of mind and acceptance of everything around you. Might that be true for you?
  • Maybe, deep down you are wanting something that has been called by a variety of names and which we are calling Emotional Stability.

This section is not finished. Needs to concentrate more on benefits of ES